In contemporary lifestyle, communication and media presence are an ever-stronger prerequisite of success in any field - politics, economics, science, arts. However, in Bulgaria there are still very few of those who have succeeded in winning the public's trust by effective media presence.

NOA provides media-conduct training to the client's executive team and staff. You can turn to us for specific tips on how to control interview situations, and feel comfortable with journalists. We could assist you to develop communication skills to appear on screen, on stage, online, in print or on conference. We increase our clients' awareness of how to prevent or cope with crises, through seminars. We invite top-experts and use top-quality audio and video equipment. The make-up of the training entirely depends on the client, whether it is specific communication skills for the press, radio or TV, or an overall media-conduct awareness.

International relations are essential to many businesses especially in view of Bulgaria's European integration and today's free transit of people, goods and capitals. NOA agency helps its' clients find contacts and partners abroad.

We also offer overall service to foreign delegations and businesspersons, from drafting the agenda to its full realization - hotel and travel arrangements, appointments, hunting, tours and entertainment - in brief, the so called "VIP to VIP" service.

We help foreign journalists organize their stay and work in Bulgaria, providing them with the necessary contacts and appointments.

NOA provides concepts and realization of TV and radio programs.

NOA offers annual subscription packages, on the objective of the PR campaign. We are in close cooperation with all major advertising agencies in Bulgaria and since PR is not only about media relations, we can both strategize and implement your joint PR and Advertising campaigns.

We guarantee full confidentiality and protection of the clients' interests through and after the term of the contract.