On Мarch 24th, 2010 for the fifth consecutive year Roca Bulgaria AD made a special presentation of the new bathroom solutions of Roca, Laufen and Fayans offered to the Bulgarian customer by the company for the present year

On March 24th, 2010 for the fifth consecutive year Roca Bulgaria AD made a special presentation of the new bathroom solutions of Roca, Laufen and Fayans offered to the Bulgarian customer by the company for the present year.

Traditionally the event was held within a period of one day. Special guests to the event at the corporate exhibition center situated on 16, Maria Louisa blvd in the city /of Sofia/ were journalists, business associates to the company from the distributors' network, Bulgarian architects and interior designers. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Spain, H.E. Mr. Jorge Fuentes Monzonís-Vilallonga together with diplomats and employees at the Embassy and commercial representative office of Spain in Bulgariaя.

The Managing director of Roca Bulgaria, Sergio Castro greeted the guests in the crowded hall. He pointed out that for the last year the company continues its work in the field of innovation and sustainable solutions for the bathroom, to reinvest in research activities and new technologies. Roca gains success in overcoming the global economic juncture and becomes even stronger now thus continuing the process of widening its presence on the international market.

The emphasis at NOVELTIES 2010 is the new generation bathroom. Combination of innovative technologies and materials, systems for water and energy saving, SPA solutions and top class design in the bathroom were presented at the event by Vesselin Simov, Marketing and Sales Manager of Roca Bulgaria. He acted as a guide in the present and future of the bathroom foretold by the latest products from Roca, Laufen and Fayans brands, presented in the corporate exhibition center Expo Bath Sofia.

The Ambassador of Spain, H.E. Jorge Fuentes stood up in front the numerous guests and made an address to the hosts of the event - the managers and the whole working team of the company. In his short, warm and very emotional, typical of the Spaniards, speech, the Ambassador made an analogy of the present event with the world premiers of the French Beaujolais Nouveau, the Italian Parmigiano Reggiano and the Spanish Iberian Jamon. He said: "Thanks to imagination, Roca made so, that apart from being extremely practical, the bathroom furniture and everything in the bathroom has become a work of art. Everything presented here is incredible."

The big words are fully deserved.  H.E. is impressed with the beauty and practicality of the new products, all set up as museum art works at the Roca exhibition hall. That hall he also described as "a gallery of art and music". From The Ambassador's words became evident that it was hardly a coincidence that the sanitary premises at the Embassy of Spain are furnished with Roca products. He admitted frankly his opinion on the fact that the Bulgarian customer will assess adequately the exclusive offers of the company's brand.

New from Roca

Following its 100 years old tradition, the company's new offers are products with impressive design, functionality and color, suitable for spaces arranged either in a traditional or in a more avant-garde manner.

Meridian is the latest series sanitary ware comprised of 36 products. It allows a variety of combinations and solutions for all kind of spaces, styles and budgets.

New furniture series put aside the old-fashion solutions for a washbasin and use of bathroom spaces.

As a result of the incessant search and introduction of innovative technologies the small space form the near past where we just "took a shower" will never be the same again. Transtube - the highly technological shower cabin of Roca - turns upside down the idea of where the place of the shower in a bathroom is.

We need to purify both our bodies and minds, and with the very opening of our eyes, we receive positive energy poring as rain from the shower right in the middle of the bathroom or falling naturally from the specially designed mixers as waterfalls in the washbasin. An exclusive design and new technology that guarantee water and energy economy. A simple "click" lowers the water debit with the latest series mixers up to the minimal eight liters per minute. Not a single drop of water shall be wasted thanks to their construction.

Our good rest and sleep are ensured with the comfortable and highly technological bathtubs, equipped with a brand new massage system. How cozy the feeling is to know that Roca achieves everything by means of very economic use of natural resources.

Unquestionable hit is the revolutionary solution to unite in one product the two most important elements in all sanitary premises - the washbasin and the water closet. Now we have the water used in the washbasin collected after a process of purification in the cistern of the water closet. This concept is called W+W (washbasin +water toilet). Upon its first presentation on the international market it won a prize for sustainable design at an exhibition in Germany and later in Great Britain it received the gold in the category "Prize for product innovation". The unique design and water purification system in W+W prove that if design and functionality together with care for nature are priority for a company, then no limits can be set to creativity.

Once again Roca proves it is the leading global bathroom brand.

New from Fayans

As it is well known, Fayans brand is the Bulgarian memeber of Roca family.

It has the serious task to satisfy the tastes and needs of the widest range of customers having in mind optimal ratio of design, quality and price. The Bulgarian product meets all international standards of the multinational company. Fayans has become a synonym for high Bulgarian quality. The rise of the brand is marked step by step with widening of the assortment first, then uniting products in series and in the last years even with the production of furniture for the more special series.

Four new series of mixers complement the high quality Fayans sanitary ware and make possible to have compete bathroom solutions with this brand. Being loyal to the principle of sustainability all products are provided with the latest water saving systems.

New, stylish, functional and affordable bathroom furniture designed in black and white contrast and bright graphics will fully satisfy the aesthetic sense of the user.

New from Laufen

New products in opaque black complement the fine white sanitary ware from the ILBAGNOALESSI dOt collection. Possibilities for impressive black and white bathroom solutions are offered now from the brand.  

* * * 

New series washbasins, and washbasin furniture, mixers, showers, shower columns and hydro-massage columns, shower trays, screens, SPA solutions and other bathroom products of new generation - implemented with new technologies, materials, water and energy saving systems offers to the Bulgarian customer Roca Bulgaria AD with its three brands Roca, Fayans and Laufen. The new bathroom concepts are exhibited in the permanent and renewed exhibition at Expo Bath Center situated on 16, Maria Louisa blvd. The arrangement of the hall follows the Roca Gallery concept. It is the first time to have water-supplied actually functioning products exhibited in the showroom. Orders for all bathroom solutions may be placed anywhere in the country through the distributors' network of Roca.

* * *