World Premiere of “Teodosii Spassov and Heavenly strings” Project

For a second time the Roca Bulgaria corporate exhibition center becomes a stage for Bulgarian music

In the evening of February 24th in front of  the filled to the brim hall of Roca Bulgaria corporate exhibition center, 16,Maria Louisa bul, the unique Bulgarian musician Teodosii Spassov made a first night performance of his latest project, called Teodosii Spassov and Heavenly strings"

It is a composition of shades from the European classical music and Balkan folklore, with innovative arrangements in the spirit of jazz locked within. Written after an idea and the invitation of the festival Balkan rush /fever/ Vienna, Austria and will be performed during its 7th edition. First the Bulgarian admirers of the unique style and art of Teodosii Spassov had the pleasure to take the "strange field" with the artists musical interpretations together with the young musicians Doroteq Dimitrova and Anna Dimitrova - violins, Michaela Pavlova - viola, Iolanta Delobozova - ‘cello and Smila Stoeva - percussions.

As the cultural event of the month can be described the first night of the musical formation of Teodosii Spassov and the Heavenly strings. The Roca Bulgaria exhibition hall accepted with ease both the numerous guests and admirers of the unique art of the worlds best known kaval player and his partners. The concert took place more than one hour and the audience was eager to get more pleasure from the performance. Quick folklore motifs were blended with the classical sound of the string instruments just to wind up in jazz rhythm and again and again till the audience was left breathless.

The play called the Kite lightly comes forward symbolizing the artistic beginning and later artistic freedom both due to the exclusive countenance of two of Teodosii Spassovs' closest admirers - Toma Sprostranov and Jimmy Penkov - always on the first row when their friend is playing the kaval.

We should stop counting each artistic show on the stage of EBS. The monthly exhibitions and concerts are already part of the hall's program. What Roca Bulgaria aims at is those events to become not only a habit for the audience but a necessity. That is why the showroom presents artists of such heights as to make the most skeptically disposed person to exclaim approvingly and applaud strongly each event.

Expo Bath Sofia, the corporate exhibition center of Roca Bulgaria, opened doors in 2007. Inside is presented the complete product assortment of all three brands for bathroom equipment - the local Fayans, together with Roca and Laufen. As things stand now, Expo Bath Sofia becomes more of a gallery of design and modern technologies in the bathroom. For the last two years Expo Bath Sofia offered its visitors various and interesting meetings with national and world culture and art. It presented the official prizes of the European Union for modern architecture, bestowed by Mies van der Rohe foundation, the international exhibition EXPO 2008 ZARAGOZA, the eco exhibition of photographs from the contest Water and myself, a concert of the famous Bulgarian chamber choir "Sredetz" conducted by Alexander Koumdjiev and others. The Roca Bulgaria corporate Exhibition center has become not only a center of design and architecture but also a modern cultural one.


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